Garlands Equine Livery Services

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There are Two main routes to take in order to arrive at our location.

1. Take the A48 West out of Cardiff (Culverhouse Cross Rbt) or East out of Cowbridge to a location known locally as Sycamore cross, which is a crossroads situated some 400 yds out of Bonvilston, travelling towards Cardiff, or alternatively some 400 yds past the Cotterall Golf club, just west of St.Nicholas. The route you will need is the A4226 towards Barry. Travel down this road and eventually you will reach a 40mph speed limited stretch of the road where it narrows and climbs slightly uphill. Pass the Farm on your right hand side and go around a few bends until the road drops away from you and there is a crossroads junction immediately after the dip. Take the right hand road towards Walterston village and Llancarfan. Drive down this road, pass through Walterston village, and keep on the road until you reach a Tractor Dealership on the left hand side, we are immediately opposite on the right.

2. From Jct 33, M4, take the A4232 south to the first exit ~ Cardiff West and the A4050 from Culverhouse Cross Rbt, follow the road all the way to Barry, travelling West towards Cardiff International Airport. You will eventually pass a Tesco store and Fire station on the right hand side, go through a set of traffic lights and the road will drop down in a 40mph zone with a traffic speed camera situated on the left hand side. On reaching the roundabout, take the right hand lane and the third exit off, onto the A4226 Weycock road, heading North away from Barry. This road is monitered by mobile speed cameras, there is a 40 mph speed limit in place almost all of its length. You will travel down into a valley, then up a winding hill, and the road will level off. Pass the static speed camera, keep going until you reach a sharp left hand bend, just a short distance onward is the same crossroads mentioned above. Take the left hand turn and follow the above instructions to the Livery.

Locate us on Google Earth by entering these co-ordinates ~ 51*25' 48.30N 3*21'14.47W (51 25 48.30, 3 21 14.47).